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“Software does the job that is needed. User friendly and on point.”

“Software does the job that is needed. User friendly and on point.”


Great experience so far, every HR should try this solution

Digital Content and Community Manager

“Simple, comprehensive, configurable everything we were looking for. It provides a comprehensive view of what is going on in our business and allows us to configure it to deliver productivity metrics that we rely on.”

Business Manager

“Unbelievable the way this has given me control of the productivity of my staff. Less wasted time,”


“We are extremely happy with the overall product. We like the ability to view the productivity and performance of our staffs, but also for our customers. The video capture feature is useful in our industry as we use it for forensic evidence.”

Managing Director

“Easy to install and use. It provides a good general view of productivity levels.”


“Is a very complete program with it I can monitor my sales team and make sure they focus on working”

Sales Director

“Its has been an amazing experience and a wonderful software that does exactly what you want! Security, control, peace of mind. the ability to know all that is going in the organization”

Head IT Security

“Extremely powerful software that has proven itself time and time again within our company. The ability to secure our customers systems with ease. Increasing their productivity in excess of 30% and reducing their data breaches completely.”

Managing Director

“Powerful Employee Monitoring Tool! I like it when it records videos of the screen activities of our remote employees. It just gives us more peace of mind about what they are all doing throughout the day at work.”

Head of Operations

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