About Us

Empowering People for the Evolving Workplace

We Empower People for the Evolving Workplace

At Beite, we study how people work in today’s corporate ecosystem, what’s coming up in the future, and how people, technology and data are driving the future of work. The rapid pace of technological evolution is changing everything around the workplace and everything about our lives in general. It’s not slowing down — in fact, it’s likely to continue to evolve at a faster pace.

Studies conducted on remote working in recent years show many benefits for employees and
companies to embrace a flexible working arrangement. Many global companies have already taken
the lead by deploying flexible work policies leading to great success.

Beite is a solution provider for a remote work arrangement and management. We know the
benefits and challenges that come with working remotely and with managing a remote team. We
focus on providing expert insight, best practices and a complete remote workplace solution that is designed to address management concerns on productivity, work efficiency, cyber security, risk on data leak and availability of user support while embracing a flexible and secure working environment.

We’re a fully distributed team of 32 people living and working in 8 countries around the world. And
we’re working to build the best experiences to help our customers embrace a valuable remote
working arrangement

Why Beite

We offer unique tools to empower our corporate clients to track the real-time performance of their remote users, while at the same time providing support when needed. Our tools also provide data leak protection and cybersecurity while maintaining security, productivity, business efficiency and company integrity.

IT'S OVER 2,460 YEARS OLD! And is still standing!

We have chosen to use the analogy of the iconic Greek Parthenon because it has stood the test of time. It also represents Beite’s six pillar’s solution model, because if one or more of these pillars are missing or comprised, it will adversely affect the overall structure. This is the same for Beite’s total remote workplace solution which offers resilience and security and much more for your remote workforce.

We offer all six pillars as a complete solution to ensure your remote workplace structure will also maintain the test of these challenging times.

Our vision

We envision the future of a workplace where people work to live productively and embrace a quality of life with friends and family

Our mission

At Beite, we are committed to help organizations ride the wave of the new Information Era and march into the future of work smoothly.

Our Values

Work-Life Balance:

We understand the intrinsic importance of work, however, an increasingly popular idealogy is, 'we work to live, not live to work'. So, at Beite we embrace flexible work arrangements and we strive to create communities that have a productive, successful work life balance.

Customer Commitment:

We strive to satisfy our customers' needs by continually seeking to understand their ongoing requirements to the best of our abilities.


We commit ourselves to ensuring that our customers receive products and services that are relevant, helpful and of premium value.


Through vigilance and continual learning, we will endeavor to be at the forefront of technology trends and changes.


We are energized and committed to deliver the right solutions to our clients so they may achieve their desired results and outcomes.

Our story

Work flexibility and healthy life balance is changing the workplace more than ever. Here's why and how we are embracing it.

The past few years have seen a rapid growth in demand for working in a remote workplace away from the main office or HQ and this growth pattern is very likely to continue. According to a study by Global Workplace Analytics, non-self-employed remote workers has grown 140% since 2005. That’s 10 times faster than the rest of the workforce. Between 2017 and 2019, telecommuting saw a 22% increase.

The Generation Z workforce will change the workplace as we know it, as this Generation prizes the work life balance that remote working can give them. The rise of the Gig Economy will also make remote working more popular as freelancers demand the freedom that remote working can give their gigs.

While the clearest benefit of work flexibility is greater work life balance for employees, it also helps employers attract and retain talent while boosting productivity. However, many companies are still holding back from fully embracing these desirable polices due to management concerns such as: maintaining productivity, communication collaboration, cyber-security, data protection, risk and compliance, and the availability of user support.

Hence, Beite put together a comprehensive and complete solution to address these concerns.

Benefits of remote working for employees include:
  • Freedom and flexibility
  • Greater productivity
Benefits of remote working for employers include:
  • Better staff retention
  • Increased productivity
  • Business resilience
  • Save money from property rental and more
  • A more diverse workforce and a wider talent pool to choose from