Beite Remote Workspace Management Solution (RWMS) is a cloud-based solution that helps you track employee productivity, connect to them, protect intelligent property and maintain compliance.

Why are companies embracing a remote workforce

Companies can access an ever expanding talent pool :- Access to talented, relevant workforce has become a major barrier for high growth companies. Remote workers have the potential to mitigate this disadvantage.

Enhanced flexibility increases retention :- Companies like Cisco or Vodafone, that have taken the progressive measure to adopt remote working polices, have seem an increase in retention and a visible boost to their brand which is evident via a quick look at their ratings and employee reviews.

Remote work increases productivity :- A case study by Stanford Professor with Ctrip with 16,000 employee, saw a 13% rise in productivity and an increase in actual hours worked amongst the remote study group.

Operational costs and absenteeism decrease to enhance profits :- Operational costs in term of employees' wages and office rental are significantly reduced. In addition, improved productivity and cost savings from accumulated hours spent on sick days, late exit, etc. add up to a startling dent in company revenue.

Great Place to Work® Annual Reports

60% of top 20 companies listed in the annual World’s Best Workplaces list have an active remote working policy.

Source: Great Place to Work® Annual Reports.

Benefits of remote working for employers include:

  • Better staff retention
  • Increased productivity
  • Business resilience
  • Save money from office rental and more
  • A more diverse workforce and a wider talent pool to choose

"If businesses don't adapt in line with changing working lives, they can't future-proof their organizations"

Emily Luscombe, Deputy Managing Director, Golin Source: hay-journal



  • Tracking Task and Productivity
  • Internal and external work efficiency
  • Cyber Security
  • Risk on Data Leak
  • Availability of User Support

The global average cost of a data breach has grown by 12% in the last five years to $3.92 million

Source: Ponemon Institute

Worldwide spending on cybersecurity is forecasted to reach $133.7 billion in 2022

Source: Gartner, Inc

Most companies take nearly 6 months to detect a data breach

Source : ZD Net

The average employee spends 51% of each workday on unnecessary tasks.


The Six Pillars of BEITE Business-Driven Remote Workplace Solutions

An online platform that operates real-time to objectively & accurately monitor & measure the productivity & performance of remote users. This is mutually beneficial to both the employee & the employer because Beite are offering an online monitoring or observation tool that is totally impartial & unbiased.
This monitoring system is unbiased & fair to ensure accurate measurements of performance & productivity relative to KPI competency assessments. Consequently, there will be a dramatic reduction in HR disputes relative to bonuses and incentive based remuneration payments that are specifically based on the outcome of an employee’s KPI assessment review.
Workforce Productivity

Optimize your Workforce Productivity Engage with your employees, get insight about your business operation, predict employee behaviour, and build a scalable workforce with Beite Workforce Productivity Solution (WPS). Sign up for a Demo With WPS,

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Communication & Collaboration

Team Collaboration without frontiers, linking the workplace and remote employees Reach out to people on the phone, via live chat, instant messages and work collaboratively on the same document, all from just ONE single platform.

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Remote Helpdesk

IT SUPPORT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Are you taking a reactive approach to IT and calling in a contractor as computer network problems arise? Beite Technical Support Are you responsible for providing an IT support function

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Cyber Security

Detect, Prevent and Respond to Insider Threats with a Single Solution Addressing the human factor in cyber security with platform and information protection. Deploy a complete endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution, that will allow

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Data Leak Protection

Start protecting your sensitive data, combat data leakage and theft from the inside Protect your trade secrets, intellectual property and investment decisions from insider threats. Ensuring that your clients’ data is protected … Mitigate data

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Risk & Compliance

Empower Dynamic Workforce while managing the Risks and Compliance Achieve compliance and remain in compliance with continuous supervision, providing forensic evidence in the event of an audit. Sign up for a Demo Are you lacking

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Gain Competitive Edge with Remote Working Arrangement

Global Talents at Your Disposal

Reach out and attract global talents especially in today "war for talent" environment, where the competitive landscape for recruiting talented employees are accelerating.

Significant Overall Cost Saving

Reduce overall cost significantly from office rental …

Enable Business Resilient

Giving your business resilient in the time of pandemic ….

Ensuring Compliance

Enabling business resilient and compliance without losing productivity …..

Connecting Workforce and Strengthen Teamwork Collaboration

Instant, responsive and flexible are the elements of effective communication channel and with an integrated online collaboration platform helps teams foster healthy relationships, and empower teams to optimize resources, execute projects, promote transparency and achieve unparalleled collaboration.

Clear Insight of Employee Performance and Increase in Team Productivity

Reach out and attract global talents especially in today "war for talent" environment, where the competitive landscape for recruiting talented employees are accelerating.

Increase in Employee Engagement and Motivation

The increase transparency in performance management enable an unbiased appraisal driving an increase employee commitment and engagement.

Secure and Protect the Most Valuable and Sensitive Data

The deployment of enforceable security policies prevents leakage of data and theft of insider threats. Along with forensic evidence protection provide an insurance to the most valuable data.

Take no Risk in the Cyber World

Research shows that human factor is still the weakest cyber-security link…

Quick Response to Call for Help

Get access to support in the first second without losing productivity